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Whether you’re home gardener, commercial grower, or just wanting to eat pesticides-free food , courses at The Living Centre provide the opportunity to learn important science-based farming and gardening skills.

Individual Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use SkillsFuture Credit to fund up to full course fees for courses under the "SkillsFuture Claimable" category. 
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Health Advisory (updated on 22 April 2020): w.e.f from 8 April 2020 (Tuesday), all classes will be conducted online April till at least 1 June 2020. For those who have registered,  more instructions will be circulated to you about 3 days before the class so that you know how to access the online training with the lecturer.

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Student Reviews

Average rating for The Living Centre is 4.83 Star of 5 stars - based on 879 Review

Online Course achieve its purpose

Faith is a very good speaker and trainer. The course gave me very good information to start off about organic farming. Although it is online, the experience is just as good and achieved its purpose. It is even better for me as I would have trouble making time to travel down in person. Hope to see more online courses soon!
23 April 2020

Online class is interesting, engaging and motivating

Course was online due to the circuit breaker and 2 hours was saved on commuting! Other than that, the lesson is interesting, engaging and motivating. I ordered my supplies to start my own home growing the next day after the course! Faith knows when and what to dilute and when to go into details. Would very much love to attend the intermediate and advance class soon!
Georene K.
23 April 2020

Ms Faith is Great

The information in the online course was very good and practical, really like a how-to guide, which was perfect. No time wasted. Ms Faith was great at answering the myriad of questions and was able to explain a lot whilst still keeping things simple and easy to understand. Thank you!
23 April 2020

Helpful and Clear Online Training

It is very informative and is helpful for a beginner like me to kickstart vegetable farming.  The slides are clear and the video is helpful for visual learner like me.
Jennifer Tew
23 April 2020

Realised planting process

From the online course, i realised that planting is not as complicated as I thought. From seed to harvest is actually an easy process.
Joy Khoo
23 April 2020

Engaging Course

The online course content was designed very well , articulated informative, comprehensive, precise to the point. The material provided is adequate to go back and read. The instructor is very patient, engaging all the participants well.
11 April 2020

Strongly recommended

The online course gave me the information that I'm looking for. I'll strongly recommend to my friends and colleagues if they are interested.
Wai Fong
11 April 2020

Got to visit their beautiful research garden

Hands-on, small class for easier learning, real examples of plants, visit their nice, neat and clean research garden.
Tay Y.P
28 February 2020

Hands on Learning

The hands on planting and the theory too
Vidhya R.
27 February 2020

Love the explanation clear and simple

It is the simple explanations together with providing actual materials required for kick-starting to plant a veg that made the course interesting. Also the follow-up of providing the slides used in class is very helpful.
Chim H.L.
24 February 2020

very informative

The short course is very informative, especially on the correct types of soil, pesticide and fertilizer to use; and the necessary preparation prior to planting seeds.
23 February 2020

profession trainer

Ms Faith is professional and friendly in delivery the course content.
KC Chua
23 February 2020

Passionate trainer

I like how Faith demonstrated her passion in sharing her knowledge on organic gardening and the clear delivery. The hands-on approach was also very effective in experiential learning.
Nicholas H.
22 February 2020

Pace is good!

The pace was good. The trainer gave useful tips and answered our questions with patience. I enjoyed the trip to the rooftop as well.
Vignesh M.
22 February 2020

Given materials to practise

Hands on experience. Materials to try back home
Vincent M.
22 February 2020

Excellent trainer

Excellent, thanks Faith great course
Peter O.
22 February 2020

Great experience

I enjoyed learning about the seed germination process as well as the hands on potting segment. It was also great to be able to visit the rooftop to experience how fresh and raw organic plants are.
Charmaine N.
22 February 2020

Love the tour of their roof garden

Detailed instructions given, very useful for beginners :) Short tour of the rooftop garden was interesting
22 February 2020

Grow organic vegetables

Practical skills to growing own organic vegetables and simple tips of soil and pests control.
Jin Zhi
22 February 2020

New knowledge

New knowledge and hands-on
Jessie T.
19 January 2020

Easy to understand

Easy to understand, and helpful insights for home setup
Qi Qi
18 January 2020


Seeing a different technology in planting. Very useful info and see the real crops.
Ong C.T
18 January 2020

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