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  • Ever wonder how hydroponics Singapore technology is like?
  • Whether you can implement hydroponics in Singapore?
  • Want to learn how to grow vegetables using hydroponics?

Online SkillsFuture Course: Indoor High Tech Farming (Basic Level)
Date: 14 Nov 2020, Sat
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 Hydroponics Singapore and urban farming

 Hydroponics Singapore

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Hydroponic Net Cup (5 Piece Set) - 43 MM

Top Outer Diameter : 5.7 CM Top Inner Diameter : 4.3 CM Height: 3.4 CM


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Hydroponic Sponge

Used for Germinating and growing from seed in Hydroponics Singapore environment.
Contains a total of 100 sponge cubes in 1 Unit


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Hydroponic Sponge (Cylinder Shape)

This sponge is designed for Net Cup Size with: Top Outer Diameter : 4.5 CM Top Inner Diameter : 3.2 CM Height: 3.2 CM
Used for Hydroponics Singapore


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Hydroponics Kit

A great kit for you to kick start growing 6 plants. Hydroponics Singapore

The kit is now available only in Green Color. Grey color is out of stock


Leafy Greens Hydroponics Nutrient Solution

120 ml Solution A and 120 ml Solution B. Great for leafy vegetables. Hydroponics Singapore


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