Lemon Balm Seeds Singapore

This is a Lemon Balm plant grew at The Living Centre.
Selecting right size pot and knowing the amount of seeds to sow is important.
We teach students how to grow them from seed in our growing herbs class.
If you like to order the seeds, you can order them here 

Health Advisory on Covid 19

Dear all,

We are pleased to let you know that we are monitoring the Covid 19 closely
The health and well-being of all our training participants and staff is always our top priority.
We will continue to monitor the health situation and adhere strictly to all advices by local governments and global health authorities

We are maintaining the highest standards to ensure your safety
We are working to process class registration, orders and trainings as usual. We are alternating shifts. We have also implemented additional sanitizing and workplace procedures. 

Temperature checking will be compulsory for all in-coming training participants at our centre.
Hand Sanitizers will be available for training participants' use. Anti Bacterial Soap will also be available in the washrooms.

We are doing our best to be here for you.
Remember , we are in this together.
Stay safe and healthy

The Living Centre Health Advisory on Covid 19

Our Regards
The Living Centre Team

Ever wonder how to design a good hydroponics farming system?

While you can buy hydroponics singapore systems off the market, it usually costs more, and not all hydroponics systems sold in the market are designed by experts in hydroponics.

Hydroponics Farming

Poorly design systems often show signs of poor flow, poor root growth, inappropriate crops etc.

We believe in empowering our students with the science principles of good hydroponics farming systems design and practical learning skills.

The above is one of the systems that we design that shows a very healthy crop growth, come and join us in our Intermediate Hydroponics Farming Course to apply the right science-based principles to design your own hydroponics farming system.

You will learn how to calculate the pump rate, decide which type of system is suitable for which crops, understand air pump calcualtions, and understand which crops is suitable for Singapore

Find out our course schedule here


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