Aquaponics Singapore

What is aquaponics? And can it be done in Singapore?


Image Credit: Cara Harpole

Aquaponics involve the use of fishes to provide nutrients for crops that you are growing.
The process involves conversion of fish waste materials into nutrients that are in a form that is suitable for plant update.

Aquaponics Diagram

Image credit: Aquaponics Labs

While it can be easy to set up an aquaponics system at home or commercially, it takes very skillsful and knowledgable grower with good experience to balance the ecosystem in the fish tank. Balance of fish to crops ratio as well as controlling a good balance microorganism sometimes is not easy to achieve by a first time grower. That is why it is quite common to see growers to attempt to try their own and losing their first batch of fishes and/or crops within weeks.

That is why we encourage growers who are interested to grow hydroponically first to start with a basic course in hydroponics in Singapore that involved the use of prepared nutrient solution first. When they have success in understanding and practising how the fundamentals of hydroponics, it would be much easier to branch out and specialised into specific domains such as aquaponics. Our curriculum is developed especially for Singapore and Asia context which allow you to have a greater success of crop growth.



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