Effective Growth of Rosemary in Hot Weather

Rosemary TheLivingCentre

We believe alot in conducting research and trials to grow crops that are traditionally challenging to grow in our hot weather Singapore.

In the month of October this year, we experienced quite a bit of rain and sunshine!

Alot of growers in Singapore struggled to grow Rosemary, and most home gardeners complained that their rosermary ''died'' within a month after they bought a pot from a typical nursery.

In our Herbs class, we help you to understand the key foundations to effective growing of herbs , including mediterranean ones like Rosemary.

In the video below, we show how we successfully propogate Rosemary plants to strive in our challenging Singapore weather!

Rosemary does not like to be in "wet soaked soil", so we did the necessary soil amendments based on organic farming principles (you will learn this in the grow herbs class)


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