Grow organic vegetables at home

Do you know you CAN grow organic pesticides-free vegetables right at home!
We are very proud of our students who grow at home after the course.

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Grow Organic Vegetables at Home





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Living a healthy life does not mean you have to spend alot of money on buying organic produce from the supermarket.
You can actually learn to grow them right at home whether may it be in your home balcony, common corridor or landed property, or a small plot of land.

 Farms have to go through a rigorous process year after year to obtain and maintain their Organic Certification - which allows them to "stamp" the word "organic" on their packaging of vegetables.
The rigorous process  (depending on certification bodies) includes, and not limited to 

  • CANNOT use chemical fertilisers
  • CANNOT use unapproved pesticides
  • CANNOT use unapproved equipment cleaners
  • CAN only use substances approved for soil improvement (e.g. compost)
  • and a long list of other requirements....

However, from Home-Growers perspective, you are not going for farm certification. Therefore it will be ok to follow the PRINCIPLES of ORGANIC Farming at Home, including but not limited to

  • Use Organic Fertilisers (we will learn what type to use in class)
  • Use Methods safe to prevent pest and manage pest (we will learn how to have implement pest management at home)
  • Use food grade cleaners (we will learn what to use in class)
  • Don't Use Chemical Pesticides

Once you put those useful knowledge and skills learnt in the course, you can grow nutritious vegetables like this!

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