Hydroponics Seedlings (Healthy Sign)

We are so excited to show you some photos of our healthy hydroponic seedlings

Just look at these!

Seedling can be raised under Sunlight (which is totally free energy!) which we encourage all growers to use where possible as taught in our basic hydroponic course.
Signs of healthy seedling growth includes:


(1) Roots near white color,
not brown or black. Dark brown or black roots signify your seedlings roots are under infection or in the process of rotting away. It can be due to unclean trays or unclean water used or other bacteria infection.

(2) Good Root Growth Rate. 
In the example above, our seedlings are only less than 1 week old, but the roots are extending down well, and growing at the rate expected.

(3) Root Zone with Nutrient Solution (not exposed to light)
Its a no-no to expose your root zone, or the nutrient solution to light. You do not want to promote algae growth at all!

Seedlings can also be raised indoor under special grow lights (good quality ones for commercial and research purposes are usually not cheap). We are conducting some research trials currently on Broccoli seedlings (see below) using research quality LED Lights.


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