High Value Melon Crops

At The Living Centre, we spent alot of our time conducting trials of varieties of high value crops to grow in Singapore.
This is one of our on-going observation of a special variety of melon. We have been growing melons for a long time, but we always wanted to try new varieties that have better traits.
Many growers in Singapore faced problems with low yield and weak plants, which is often a result of inadequate plant nutrition and poor soil conditions. Weak plants often result in flowers aborting off the plants.

In the video below, we show our healthy melon plant with successful pollination at about slightly over a week old, with harvest estimated in about 3 weeks time.

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Research on Heirloom Lima Beans

As part of The Living Centre's research and development efforts, we have tested a number of bush beans seeds in our challenging Singapore weather.

One of our favourites are Lima Bush Beans (Henderson). An heirloom variety, tasty and suitable for our warm weather Singapore.



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Harvest of Healthy Pak Choi by our Founder

Large Pa kChoi Rooftop TLC Founder Organic Farming

The weather was extremely hot and warm in Feb this year. Using the appropriate organic farming principles, we are able to grow very healthy and large Pak Choi at The Living Centre.

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Special Red Pak Choi Research and Trials

We are currently using organic farming practises in our research and trials on a special variety of Red Pak Choi.

 RedPakChoi TheLivingCentrePhoto


Extremely Large Pak Choi - Organic Farming

The team at The Living Centre believes strongly in growing edibles without chemical pesticides.
Look at our beautiful LARGE Pak Choi that we grew from seed in HOT WEATHER Singapore!

 LargePakChoi RoofTop M