Hydroponics Seedlings (Healthy Sign)

We are so excited to show you some photos of our healthy hydroponic seedlings

Just look at these!

Seedling can be raised under Sunlight (which is totally free energy!) which we encourage all growers to use where possible as taught in our basic hydroponic course.
Signs of healthy seedling growth includes:


High Level Pesticides Found in Imported Vegetables

It was noted in the news that high levels of pesticides are found in some lettuce imported from overseas into Singapore 

See Straits Time Article

On one hand, we are glad that local authorities do regular sampling checks on imported vegetables,
on the other hand, we need to be more conscious on the reality of commercial farming by non-organic farmers.

Therefore, it is important that we learn how to grow our own vegetables and avoid the use of pesticides where possible.


Grow Organic Oregano and Thyme

Watch how healthy Oregano and Thyme can be when you grow them using Organic Farming Principles in Singapore HOT weather!


Hydroponics Seedlings Singapore

Starting a new batch of vegetable crops from seed requires good skills and monitoring.

From commercial point of view, we select very high quality seeds. 

Secondly, we need to ensure the seeds are optimal for germination based on temperature and other parameters, including light (.e.g sunlight).

Here is an example how healthy our vegetable seedlings are when we grew them well!

You can learn how to germinate seeds for hydroponics systems in our Basic Hydroponics Course

Hydroponics Seedling Lettuce1


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Grow organic vegetables at home

Do you know you CAN grow organic pesticides-free vegetables right at home!
We are very proud of our students who grow at home after the course.

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Grow Organic Vegetables at Home