In this video, our Founder, Ms Faith Foo shows you how effective organic farming methods can result in healthy - pesticides-free leafy caixin vegetables. It is important for any grower to learn how to grow organic vegetables

 Ms Faith Foo, is trained in Nutritional Farming in Australia and High Tech Farming from the Netherlands. She is also a certified EFT Practitioner that believes in wholistic living in both physical and emotional health.

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Interested to pick up basic skills in Hydroponics applicable to Singapore weather?

We are the only training provider in Singapore that has a hydroponics hands-on course, with a farm learning visit. 
More than that, Singaporeans who are aged 25 and above and use their SkillsFuture credit to pay for the full course fees!

  1. Learn why Hydroponics is getting so popular in Singapore and around the world
  2. Learn to have success germinating seeds in a sterile environment to improve success for your crops!
  3. Grow to own pesticides-free crops for a healthier diet and lifestyle
  4. Move from a traditional soil-based farming to soil-less farming

There is a lot of benefits in growing crops the hydroponics way which many students have discovered in this hands-on course

hydroponics farm


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Basic Hydroponics Course

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Hydroponics Singapore


This course provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand hydroponics (soilless method) agriculture industry in Singapore. Awareness of basics of growing leafy vegetables in hydroponics will also be explored. You will learn important practical skills, including using scientic instruments for hydroponics, receive a basic hydroponics kit to kickstart your hydroponics, and also participate in a learning tour of a local hydroponics farm.

Event Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 5:00 pm
Course Fee SG$198.00 (Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use SkillsFuture credit to fund training fees)
Location World Farm (Singapore)

If you are a home grower wanting to optimise your crop yield, or a commercial grower wanting to maximise your crop production.
One of the secret is having a very high percentage of germination for your seeds.
You will be trained to achieve this during our hydroponic classes


What is aquaponics? And can it be done in Singapore?


Image Credit: Cara Harpole

Aquaponics involve the use of fishes to provide nutrients for crops that you are growing.
The process involves conversion of fish waste materials into nutrients that are in a form that is suitable for plant update.

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