Own Succulent Desktop Garden

Learn to Create Your Own Succulent Desktop Garden
By popular demand, we have a weekday night class for you.
All materials included in the course!
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High Tech Farming

We are proud to exhibit our GrowThrive High Tech Farming Exhibit at HortPark (LifeStyle Corner next to Visitors Centre) currently. Featuring pesticide free, highly nutritous farming using High Tech Indoor Farming technologies.


Growing Kale in Singapore Hot Weather

We have successfully Grown Kale Crops Outdoors Under Hot Sun!

Kale is a super nutritious vegetables. In Singapore, these are usually imported
from cooler countries like Australia. In order to grow these crops in hot weather
Singapore, we applied various organic farming techniques under the guidance
of our founder, Ms Faith Foo who is trained in Nutritional Farming in Australia 
and High Tech Farming from the Netherlands. 




Purple Cabbage

Our Purple Cabbage Trials

The Living Centre conducts trials of various unique variety of vegetables and fruits in Singapore. This is the purple cabbage trials that we harvested yesterday after removing the outer leaves! 

PurpleCabbageTrials TheLivingCentre

Growing Organic Pak Choi

Growing Pak Choi in Hot Weather Singapore
With appropriate use of organic approved growing medium,
and good crop management, we can grow Pak Choi in Singapore

Pak Choi are annual crops which will go from Seed to Seed within a couple months depending on crop variety.

While they love cool weather (for example in highlands), selecting the right variety for hot weather Singapore is also possible.
These are some of the Dwarf Pak Choi we are growing in our Trial and Research Garden which in term inform our organic farming practises.

Pak Choi Singapore

Grow Vegetables Using Soil

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