Herb Seeds

All our seeds are non-gmo (non-genetically modified), and not treated with chemical fungicides.
We pride ourselves in supplying local growers (home and commercial growers) with great quality, high germination rate seeds for your edible garden and farm!

Herbs are great way to add flavour to your dishes and meals. We carefully curate those that can grow in Singapore climate

Arugula Seeds

Great for salads. Nutritious and flavourful!


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Coriander Seeds

A rare and unique heat tolerant coriander seeds suitable for Singapore weather.


Garlic Chives

Grow  up to 12" tall and produce attractive white flowers, great addition for your herb garden


Lemon Balm Seeds

Deliciously naturally lemon flavored; wonderful in confections and tea and other dishes. Lemon Balm Herb is a vigorous, hardy plant


Local Celery Seeds

Celery variety suitable for Singapore weather and known for its flavorful leaves.


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Pepper Mint Seeds

Very aromatic peppermint can be used in both cooking and tea. Very quick-growing, it is a perennial that grows rapidly and attracts bees


Purple Ruffles Basil Seeds

Purple Ruffles grows large purple ruffled leaves and provides fragrance and flavor stronger than sweet basil but milder flavor than Green Ruffles. Beautiful color for your garden.
Contains about 20 seeds. Germination Rate 90%


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Rocket Salad Lettuce Seeds

Beautiful addition to your salad bowls.
Flavorful and nutritious


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Evergreen shrub to 60cm. Repels moths and flies, liked by bees. Companion to sage, cabbage, beans, and carrots. Sheltered position to north. Aromatic leaves, used as a culinary seasoning. Sow in trays with seeds on top of growing mix as light is needed to germinate.


Siam Queen Basil

Siam Queen is more tender and intensely flavored than Sweet Basil. Its highly aromatic, licorice-basil aroma is more stable at high and extended cooking temperatures than other basils. Commonly used in Thai cooking as well as Italian recipes.  A must for Curry and many Asian dishes


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Start Your Own Edible Garden Seeds Package (9 Types of Vegetables Herbs Seeds)

Don't know what to plant in Singapore Weather?
Want to grow edible crops in your garden to be more self-sustainable?

Start your garden with these 9 types of seeds that has been researched and tested to grow in Singapore weather in The Living Centre's research garden.
All our seeds are non-gmo and does not contain any chemical fungicides!
You enjoy cost savings now (You pay SG$35 instead of SG$40 if you were to buy the packets individually)


S$40.00  S$35.00

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