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Average rating for 1 Day Course on Grow Herbs and Spices Plants Successfully in Singapore Weather, The Living Centre is 4.89 Star of 5 stars - based on 149 Review

Great learning!

Great learnings on media recipes and techniques to transplant herbs
Brian T.
17 August 2019

Enjoyed the class

Yes enjoyed the class. It
Hui Y.N
17 August 2019

Lots of practical hands on

Lots of practical advice and hands on.
17 August 2019

Very informative on starting herb garden

Very informative.Practical information shared to start a home garden.
Khoo K.O
17 August 2019


Yes, enjoyed the class
Chloe S.
14 September 2019

Learn insights

1) Tips about growing successfully and insights into caring for plants in Singapore weather 2) Practical aspects; I enjoy the opportunity to smell the plant and see that certain plants can be grown successfully in Singapore
Elisabeth C
14 September 2019

Good hands on learning

Leaning practical tips, hands on learning, informative.
Sharon T.
14 September 2019

Learn techniques

learn about potting of herbs , techniques in home gardening.
George Y.
14 September 2019

Now I know what to do

The tips and tricks of planting herbs. Trainees shared mistakes and from there we know what to avoid.
Haryati E.
14 September 2019

Hands on Experience

Learning about herbs growing with the right growing methods for home growers and educate about organic growing.
Nur Ain
14 September 2019

I learnt useful knowledge and skills

Hands- on experience, sight and smell, helps knowledge retention . Learn localised (Spore ) context which not available on internet media.
14 September 2019

very informatie

I used to keep some plants at home but end up killing them. I have learnt useful knowledge, tips and tricks from this course for me to be able to do my gardening and keep more lively plants at home.
TG Ler
14 September 2019

Enjoyed everything!

The information that I learned about gardening
Sabrina B.F
14 September 2019

Insightful for me!

Everything. Learned a lot.
14 September 2019

Trainer makes it easy for me to understand

Insightful for beginners! I've got no experience in growing herbs (or anything actually) and have gained from the course. Faith is a great trainer. Recommended!
14 September 2019

Enjoyed the hands on

Faith has made the course very easy to understand. I personally like the hands on portion. Hope I can continue with what she teach and start my own home farming of herbs
Lim O.L
14 September 2019


Florence S.
15 June 2019

grow herbs

How to grow herbs in a proper way
Lua Marinel Z.
18 July 2019

Practical hands on

Practical hands on and tips for real situations
Chew T.C.
18 July 2019

tips on home planting.

Get to know more knowledge and tips on home planting.
Rusidah R.
18 July 2019

An enjoyable and knowledgeable class

An enjoyable and knowledgeable class of learning how to grow herbs and spices in a right way.
Lin C.K.
18 July 2019

The tremendous amount of knowledge gained

The tremendous amount of knowledge gained on growing herbs and the way Faith conducted her lesson. Very comprehensive and Faith was able to conduct the course systematically and at a leisurely pace. Thanks.
Nancy C.
18 July 2019

really enjoyed the hand on.

Everything. Very informative and also I really enjoyed the hand on. From zero to hero? The instructor is very knowledgeable. Thank you Faith.
Hasina A.
18 July 2019

Great learning

Lots of practical knowledge!
Matthias W.
15 June 2019

interesting class.

Very informative and interesting class.
Lissa W.
15 June 2019

practical hands on

Informative and the practical hands on was very useful
15 June 2019

very useful

Most of the subject are very useful
Jayandran R
15 June 2019

Everything is good

Florence S.
15 June 2019

the balance of theory and practical

the balance of theory and practical very informative and interesting :)
Tessa W.
15 June 2019

instructor excellent

The excellent knowledge of growing herbs. The instructor was excellent too
Lim K.K.
15 June 2019

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