Online Course: Home Gardener Series: Grow Leafy Vegetables Using Hydroponics - 3 April 2022- AM Class


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 Hydroponics LIVE

Enhance your Skills with Expert Led “Live” Webinar Online

This is an online course (2 Hours) that will provide and equip you  with techniques of growing leafy vegetables using sunlight and hydroponics (soil-less method) in your apartment or flats, or house in Singapore context . Singapore climate conditions are very different from many other countries, and it is important for you to learn what skills you can apply in your own garden.

You will learn important  skills and receive a hydroponics kit (worth SG$40!) to kickstart your hydroponics at home

Date: 3 April 2022,  Sunday
Time:  10 AM To 12 Noon

The training will be held fully online (using secured Zoom software)

Course Fees :  Now SG$108 Per Pax [Usual SG$118 - Early Bird Special SG$10 off + Receive a Bonus Hydroponics Kit Worth SG$40. Total of SG$50 savings!)


 Hydroponics Singapore Course

During our comprehensive course, you will understand the key fundamentals of growing leafy vegetables using hydroponics approach. 

Hydroponics Singapore

Here are the topics that you will learn in the course:

  • Key Principles to Growing leafy Vegetables in Soil-less method
  • Suitable Vegetables to grow in Singapore weather
  • Sun Requirements, Water Requirements
  • Preparation of Hydroponic Solution
  • Basic Pest Management and Harvesting

Engaging Learning!

Hydroponics Singapore

 Receive a Hydroponics Kit to start Growing at Home!

Hydroponics Singapore


(1) Is the online course just watching videos?

No. It is so much more than that!
The online live course takes place on 7 May 2020 , Vesak Day Public Holiday from 2 PM to 4.30 PM.
The trainer will teach you "live", with interactions, discussions, you get to ask questions too! 

(2) Why should I join an online course if there are so many YouTube videos free online?
Most online videos are created by growers in overseas whose climate conditions and seasons are very different from Singapore. What is applicable in their settings may not be applicable here in Singapore. Most of them also focuses on bite-sized 5 to 10 mins video - which often makes you difficult to understand and learn the overall skills of a home grower.

In fact, we have trained so many growers in Singapore and from over 14 countries , because growers are often confused by so many techniques they learnt from various non-research based sources. Our curriculum is science-based agricultural and gardening concepts based on research, not gardening myths. 

Secondly, our curriculum are carefully designed by our Founder, Ms Faith Foo - she has purposely designed the course flow in such a way that makes learning in a structured and engaging for you. 

(3) Is the trainer good?
Ms Faith Foo has trained people in Singapore and from over 14 countries in applications of commercial farming, community and home gardening. She has also been invited as a key speaker at various key gardening events in Singapore such as Singapore Gardening Festival organised by Hort Park. She also works as a consultant for commercial farms. She is also involved in training local polytechnic lecturers who in turn train next generation of growers to enter the agricultural industry. 

(4) Will I receive any training materials?
Yes, you will receive digital copies (pdf) of step-by-step guides and your trainer will teach you how to use these guides. You will also be able to access video of the training after the live streaming ends.

(5) Will the trainer share where we can get good and affordable gardening supplies in Singapore?
Yes! We will train you how to be a smart and informed shopper! So that you do not get confused by the product offerings at commercial shops.

(6) Is the online "live" class course contents same as the face-to-face class?
Yes, you will be taught exactly the same contents (the knowledge and skills). Practical skills will be demonstrated during the "live" session, so that you can observed and practise on your own too after the class.
The only difference is that you do not need to travel down to our training centre. You can learn from the comfort of your computer as long as you have access to internet.

(8) Should I attend a face-to-face or online class?
Some of you prefer to attend an online class as you may be taking care of someone at home, or you feel more comfortable learning from home. 

(9) How do I receive my bonus SG$40 Hydroponics Kit
After you register and pay for the course fees, we will arrange the items to be delivered to you.

(10) How do I access the online class
After you register and pay for the course fees, we will arrange for the login information to be emailed to you 3 days before the class. All you need is a computer with internet access.

(11) When is the closing date?
Once all the seats are full , we will close registration

(12) How do I register for the class?
Click on Red Registration button on this page


Faith is the Founder of The Living Centre, and is professionally trained in Nutritional Farming in Australia as well as High Tech farming from Netherlands (HAS University of Applied Sciences). With expert knowledge in both Soil-Based and Soil-less Agriculture, she also lead the first series of Urban Farming SkillsFuture courses supported by SkillsFuture Singapore. Besides providing professional training in hydroponics Singapore to the public, local university and lecturers from polytechnics, she also provides consultancy to commercial hydroponic farms.  Her belief in wholistic living is based on 2 fundamental aspects of Human Health: Nutritional Health from growing and consuming great quality agricultural crops, and Emotional Health through emotional wellness and balance. 

She has been invited as a key speaker at key gardening and edible farming events, including "Community Garden Festival", "Gardeners'Day Out" organised by Nparks Singapore. Faith believes in changing lives through imparting skills and knowledge to local growers in farms and gardening community. She is also an certified advanced practitioner in EFT (EFTi) and Matrix Reimprinting (EFTMR)

How to register for the class? 

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How do I pay for the class?
You can pay via either Paypal/Credit Card or Interbank Transfer.


Event Information

Event Date 03-Apr-2022 (Sun) 10:00 am
Event End Date 03-Apr-2022 (Sun) 12:00 pm
Course Fee SG$118.00
This event is organised and conducted by The Living Centre
Language of Instruction English
Course Fee Payment Mode You can use online Paypal/Credit or Debit Card or Interbank Transfer
Location Online Live Streaming (Zoom)