Module 1: Foundations of Soil-Based Farming
•Key principles of soil in urban farming
•(applications in soil-based farming in Singapore)

Module 2: Foundations of Leafy Vegetables Growth
•Stages of Growth of Leafy Greens
•Basics of Vegetable requirements

Module 3: Growing Leafy Vegetables for Small Scale Growers
•Easy to Grow Varieties of Asian Leafy Vegetables for Beginner Gardeners
•Suitable Set Up (Containers/Planters)
•Common Types of Potting Mix
•How to Sow Seeds
•Common Types of fertilizers

Module 4: Growing Leafy Vegetables for Commercial Growers
•Key Safe farm practices
•Common varieties of Asian vegetables grown on Farm
•How the raised bed is being prepared on the Farm
•How seeds are germinated and seedlings are transplanted
•How vegetables are harvested
•post-harvest handling processes
•composting method on Farm

Module 5: Basics of Composting for Small Scale Growers
•Basics of Composting

We are pleased to annouce the launch of SkillsFuture claimable Course by The Living Centre


Alot of Urban Farmers and Gardeners in Singapore do not have indepth knowledge and training in soil and composting, as well as the science behind composting.

Compost is also often now as BLACK GOLD FOR GARDEN AND FARMS

Do you know how to identify GOOD COMPOST vs not so good COMPOST?


We will teach you different methods of composting (suitable for larger scale in Farms, as well as smaller scales in community gardens and at home )

Alot of local growers also do not know the true science behind soil and soil health and dependent mainly on tips shared by other gardeners.
We will also teach you the science behind Soil, Soil health which is the true foundation to overall health of Vegetables and Fruits

Confused by so many soil types sold in nurseries and gardening centres?
We will teach you how to identify different types of soil and understand which is use under which scenarios. You will learn to do key soil testing and analysis.

Facing problems With SOIL?
Soil too hard? Soil to soggy? Vegetables roots rotting away in your soil, too much water retention in your soil? You will get to experiment with different soil types and understand how to improve your own soil!

crackedsoil  handlesoil 

Join in this course on 18 Nov 2017 (Sat)  to learn detailed soil and composting knowledge and skills. You can use your SkillsFuture credit to pay for the entire course fees of our SkillsFuture supported courses. For more information, visit thecourse page here.

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