Module 1: Foundations of Aquaponics Farming

  • Describe principles of Aquaponics
  • List advantages Aquaponics vs other types of growing systems


Module 2: Types of Aquaponics Set Up

  • List common types of aquaponics farms
  • Explain key differences among types of systems deployed in commercial aquaponics farms


Module 3: Aquaponics Fundamentals

  • Explain the Nitrogen Cycle
  • How to Maintain a Balanced System
  • How to test water in your aquaponics tank
  • Choosing Suitable Fish for Aquaponics in Singapore Context

Module 4: Growing Substrates for Aquaponics

  • Describe different types of growing substrates for Aquaponics
  • Explain advantages based on types of growing substrates for Aquaponics
  • Starting seeds using growing substrates



Module 5: Set Up of Aquaponics

  • Set up a system suitable for local growers
  • Use of Siphons and relevant equipment / tools
  • Maintenance of fish and vegetable crops
  • Basic pest management

Interested in getting yourself trained in Hydroponics? We offer a range of Hydroponics Course Singapore , including beginner, intermediate and advanced level training.

Hydroponics Course Singapore

Hydroponics Course Singapore

Hydroponics is a soil-less method of agriculture that can be applied in a home, organisation or commercial agriculture.

One of the important skills to learn is to germinate seeds successfully and monitor their growth till harvest.

This includes

  • understand how to identify high quality seeds
  • how to germinate seeds successfully
  • how to transplant the seedlings successfully
  • how to manage pest
  • preventive measures (so that you do not need to apply chemical pesticides)
  • identify and troubleshoot common problems faced in hydroponics
  • understand what crops are suitable for hot weather countries (like Singapore and other parts of asia)
  • how it can be applied in commercial settings for business

The Living Centre is the only training provider in Singapore that offers a wide range of hydroponics training, training professionals, researchers and home growers.

 To discover more about our classes, view the course schedule here


Basic Hydroponics Course

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Hydroponics Singapore


This course provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand hydroponics (soilless method) agriculture industry in Singapore. Awareness of basics of growing leafy vegetables in hydroponics will also be explored. You will learn important practical skills, including using scientic instruments for hydroponics, receive a basic hydroponics kit to kickstart your hydroponics, and also participate in a learning tour of a local hydroponics farm.

Event Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 5:00 pm
Course Fee SG$198.00 (Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use SkillsFuture credit to fund training fees)
Location World Farm (Singapore)

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