1 Day Course in Growing Edible Flowers

Module 1: Foundations of Edible Flowers Gardening/Farming

  • Describe background
  • Explain the uses of Edible Flowers
    (e.g hospitality industry, culinary preparation in restaurants etc)

Module 2: Propagation Techniques

  • Describe techniques to propagation edible flowers


Module 3: Growing Different Types of Edible Flowers for Singapore Weather

  • List varieties of edible flowers for beginner growers
  • List varieties of edible flowers for intermediate growers
  • Planting Garden Schema
  • Techniques to take care of edible flowers

Module 4: Uses of Edible Flowers

  • Safe farm practices
  • Harvesting Edible flowers
  • Preparation of Edible flowers
  • Usage of Edible Flowers


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