Aquaponics (Level 1 Training)

Module 1: Foundations of Aquaponics Farming

  • Describe principles of Aquaponics
  • List advantages Aquaponics vs other types of growing systems


Module 2: Types of Aquaponics Set Up

  • List common types of aquaponics farms
  • Explain key differences among types of systems deployed in commercial aquaponics farms


Module 3: Aquaponics Fundamentals

  • Explain the Nitrogen Cycle
  • How to Maintain a Balanced System
  • How to test water in your aquaponics tank
  • Choosing Suitable Fish for Aquaponics in Singapore Context

Module 4: Growing Substrates for Aquaponics

  • Describe different types of growing substrates for Aquaponics
  • Explain advantages based on types of growing substrates for Aquaponics
  • Starting seeds using growing substrates



Module 5: Set Up of Aquaponics

  • Set up a system suitable for local growers
  • Use of Siphons and relevant equipment / tools
  • Maintenance of fish and vegetable crops
  • Basic pest management

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