Benefits of Organic Vegetables

Previously, Organics food used to be out of the reach of common people due to its limited availability and pricing.

While costs of organic vegetables have decreased, it remains mostly out of the reach of typical Singaporeans.

Not many of us can afford to eat organics foods on a daily basis if we are buying them from supermarkets or specialised organics shops.

One of the key solution is to learn organic vegetables right in our own backyard (include HDB corridors, next to our windows, in gardens of landed properties etc).

Yes, it is totally possible to grow vegetables on your own in Singapore.

Benefits of Organic Vegetables include:

  • Cost savings (since we grow them on our own)
  • Ensure safe and healthy vegetables
  • Reduce presence of pesticides
  • Freshest produce (from garden to dish food in less than 1 hour)
  • Variety of vegetables (not limited to what is avail in supermarkets)

Keen to start being a organic vegetables urban "farmer" in Singapore, join us in our workshop!


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