Edible Gardens in Singapore

There is great joy in having your own edible gardens right at home.

It doesn't mean that you need to have a piece of land in Singapore to start one. Land in Singapore is expensive, so we can be innovative in using spaces for growing vegetables at home.

  • If you have an existing mini garden , you can definitely start preparing the soil for growing vegetables
  • If you have some glass windows facing the sun, you can start some container gardening
  • If you do not have much access to sunlight at home, you can make use of Grow Lights
  • If you do not like to mess with soil, try out hydroponics method


Having access to organic vegetables in Singapore do not have to be an expensive affair if you have the right skills and knowledge to grow your own.

Ready organic vegetables or hydroponics kits can also be brought to easily kit start your vegetables growing in Singapore.

Growing vegetables in Singapore can be low cost, fun and beneficial to your health.

Check out our workshops to learn the knowledge and skills to grow your own vegetables in Singapore.

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