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The Living Centre is a leading training provider in Singapore Hydroponics Urban Farming and Wholistic Living and provides both Soil-based and Soil-less farming courses.

Learn Singapore Hydroponics

 To ensure effective transfer of knowledge and skills of growing edibles in Singapore, all our courses are designed to include an effective mix of hands-on learning activities, with supporting theory knowledge. Practical activities include use of scientific instruments for accuracy in data collection of your crops environmental parameters

Singapore Hydroponics

Hydroponics High Tech growing is gaining popularity around the world, including Singapore Hydroponics, and research studies shown that hydroponically growth vegetables are equal in their sensory evaluation (taste, odor, visual quality and texture) when compared to soil based growth vegetables


Hydroponics Classes

We have many hands-on learning activities in our hydroponics course, and one of them is you learning to transplant hydroponics seedlings!

Singapore Hydroponics

We also bring you to visit and learn from a local hydroponics farm to see how they grow healthy leafy vegetables (which they also sell to Singapore Supermarkets!)

Singapore Hydroponics

You will learn to understand how large scale hydroponics takes place in a farm, as well as understand how smaller scale hydroponics can take place at home!

 We will also be giving you a basic hydroponics kit which you can bring home to use and grow vegetables at home to grow a wide range of leafy vegetables.

You will also learn to apply pest management techniques so that you will never have to use chemical pesticide anymore!

Our courses are designed to be engaging, practical and based on research-proven methods, taught by experts in the industry



Basic Hydroponics Course

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Hydroponics Singapore


This course provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand hydroponics (soilless method) agriculture industry in Singapore. Awareness of basics of growing leafy vegetables in hydroponics will also be explored. You will learn important practical skills, including using scientic instruments for hydroponics, receive a basic hydroponics kit to kickstart your hydroponics, and also participate in a learning tour of a local hydroponics farm.

Event Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 9:00 am
Event End Date 08-Feb-2020 (Sat) 5:00 pm
Course Fee SG$198.00 (Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use SkillsFuture credit to fund training fees)
Location World Farm (Singapore)

Average rating for Full Day Course - Grow Leafy Vegetables Using Hydroponics Technology (Basic Level), The Living Centre is 4.82 Star of 5 stars - based on 405 Review

Very applicable

Very much. Informative and highly applicable.
Yvonne T.
19 September 2019

Practical learning

Practical sharing n tips..
19 September 2019

It is good for me

It presents very pragmatic approach to a novice who are interested to start. Good snips of information.
Teo C.S.
19 September 2019

Very suitable for beginner like me

The course is very interesting for a beginner.
Goh J.L.
19 September 2019

Lots of knowledge learnt from trainer

I gain more knowledge any then course. I definitely will enjoy planting. The teacher is very knowledge and answer our question well
19 September 2019

Thank you Faith!

interesting course, have a lots of growing knowledge from the trainer. thanks
David T.
19 September 2019

Faith delivered the course very well!

Fun and interesting. Thank you Faith
Sally N.
19 September 2019


Faith clearly delivered the main points she expected beginners to know, and this is greatly useful for starters who may be lost looking at different methods described in books or the Internet, and not know the right ways to proceed.
19 September 2019

The teacher is very knowledgable

Very informative, easy to learn & understand, lots of material to cover the many aspects. looking forward to my next harvest!
19 September 2019

Everything is worth it!

Its a very detailed course, and I really learn a lot from this course. Last but not least, everything is worth. Thank you so much.
24 August 2019

Enjoyed the course

When you love the subject, you enjoy everything about the course.Thank you for sharing
Mohammad Hilmi
24 August 2019

Very interesting and learnt a lot

Yes, it
Ng L.S.
24 August 2019

Very fun and engaging

Fun and much info of the hyproponics veg grow from academic level Info into layman simple term in the class. Hand on and farm visit is the plus point of the class.
K h Chaw
24 August 2019

Trainer is professional

Its very informative and the trainer is very professional and knowledgable. Its good that the course also involves teaching us how to use the hydroponics kits and get us started by germinating the kang kong seeds that they also gave us.
Chen J.Y.
24 August 2019

Good knowledfe

Good knowledge gained
Irene T.
24 August 2019

Enjoyed the farm tour and hands on learning

Informative with all the kit and accessories required to start up at home.
24 August 2019

Love the anthusiasm by trainer

The knowledge and enthusiasm shared by the lecturer. Starter kit and farm tours were all adequate
Tan L.H.
24 August 2019

Enjoy the learning and farm tour

The knowledge shared & the farm tour
Ho C.K.
24 August 2019

Very practical class

Very informative and practical.
24 August 2019

The farm visit!

Love the actual plantation visit
Mah Y.Y.
24 August 2019

practical learning

Yoke C.
24 August 2019

Very interesting!

Everything. Its interesting...
Ang C.H.
24 August 2019

Learn good knowledge

Pang M.L.
24 August 2019

I learn many things and enjoyed

1. learn how to grow leafy vegetables at home 2. Time is sufficient 3. Starter kit is given 4. Farm Tour for better understanding
Hee W.O.
24 August 2019

I look forward to my own harvest

Interesting looking forward to successful harvesting
Mei P.
24 August 2019

I learnt the process to hydroponics well

Get to know how hydrophonic to grow plant !Kit is useful for beginner
Chai C.H.
24 August 2019

Trainer knows topic very well

Understanding what is different about hydroponics v soil . Great idea to provide a kit to enable try out. Simple explanation
Andy B.
24 August 2019


Very enriching. Will start growing
Yap K.M.
24 August 2019

Learn much more today

Able to understand more on hydroponic planting, sign and symbol of the plant conditions
PH Toh
24 August 2019

Captured my full attention!

Is fun and interesting. The course captured my full attention.
Ng F.Y.
24 August 2019

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