Full Day Course - Grow Leafy Vegetables Using Hydroponics Technology (Basic Level)

• Describe concept of Hydroponics Agriculture Industry

• Explain role of Hydroponics Vegetable Farming Industry internationally

• Describe health, safety, and environmental operating guidelines in Hydroponics Farms

• List key factors in healthy Leafy Hydroponics Vegetables Plant Growth

• Identify suitable Leafy Vegetables varieties for Hydroponics systems

• List suitable Hydroponics set-up for growth of Leafy Vegetable Plants

• Describe methods to Germinate seeds in substrates

• Describe how to transplant hydroponics seedlings into hydroponics

• Describe fertilising Needs of Leafy Vegetable Plants in hydroponics system

• Explain how to Adjust PH of Nutrient Solution

• Explain how to test the Electrical Conductivity of nutrient solution

• Describe how to monitor Leafy Vegetables Plant Growth in Hydroponics

• List common harvesting techniques for Hydroponics Leafy Vegetables Plants

• Describe common post-harvesting handling guidelines of Hydroponics Leafy Vegetable Plants

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