Indoor High Tech Farming (Advanced Level)

Module 1: Types of Large Scale High Tech Indoor Farm Systems

  • Explain key principles of large scale indoor farms
  • Explain importance of business sustainability


Module 2: Calculate Cost of Set up and maintain an Indoor Farm

  • Describe types of set up costs
  • Describe types of maintain costing
  • Explain investment costs and when can the business break even


Module 3: Crop Varieties

  • List crop varieties suitable for indoor farming
  • Determine crop yield
  • Determine crop schedule


Module 3: Flexibility of Systems Based on Market Demand

  • Explain how your indoor farming system can be adapted based on crop varieties demand changes


Module 4: Packaging Materials

  • Describe suitable packaging materials for distribution of crops

Module 5: Marketing of Indoor Farm Produce

  • Determine marketing channels
  • Explains types of distribution channels
  • Explain differences between distribution channels

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