Indoor High Tech Farming (Basic Level)

Module 1: Foundations of Indoor FarmingModule 1: Foundations of Indoor Farming• Describe principles of High Tech Indoor Farming• List advantages of High Tech Indoor farming and using of smart solutions

Module 2: Types of High Tech Indoor Farm Systems• List common types of indoor farms• Explain key differences among indoor farms, including technology differences

Module 3: Indoor Light Smart Solutions • List types of indoor lights and their suitability for indoor farming• Explain light distribution and effect on crop growth• Explain light units and daily light integral• Describe how to measure light for crops
Module 4: Growing Substrates• Describe different types of growing substrates for indoor farming• Explain advantages based on types of growing substrates for indoor farming

Module 5: Small / Mid Scale Set Up of Indoor Farming• Describe different types of set up for indoor farming• Explain advantages and disadvantages of each type of set up

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