Indoor High Tech Farming (Intermediate Level)

Module 1: Propagation of Crops for Indoor Farming

  • Describe types of seeds available to growers and their advantages
  • Explain principles of seed dormancy and maximizing germination for seeds

Module 2: Photosynthesis and Respiration in Indoor Farming

  • Describe the detailed process in photosynthesis and how it affects crop growth indoor farming
  • Explain the light colors and its effect on photosynthesis for crops
  • Describe relationship between respiration, temperature and the effect on net photosynthesis in crop growth

Module 3: Temperature, Humidity and CO2 in Indoor Farming

  • Explain differences between relative humidity and absolute humidity
  • Describe potential crop growth rate
  • Describe principles of managing Temperature, humidity, and CO2

Module 4: Nutrient Management

  • Describe nutrient requirements for crops (leafy vegetables)
  • List different types of nutrient applicable for indoor farming

Module 5: Crop Nutrient Analysis

  • Calculate the nutrient formulation based on crop type
  • Explain procedure to prepare nutrient for crops

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