Soil-Based Leafy Vegetables Farming Course

Module 1: Foundations of Soil-Based Farming
•Key principles of soil in urban farming
•(applications in soil-based farming in Singapore)

Module 2: Foundations of Leafy Vegetables Growth
•Stages of Growth of Leafy Greens
•Basics of Vegetable requirements

Module 3: Growing Leafy Vegetables for Small Scale Growers
•Easy to Grow Varieties of Asian Leafy Vegetables for Beginner Gardeners
•Suitable Set Up (Containers/Planters)
•Common Types of Potting Mix
•How to Sow Seeds
•Common Types of fertilizers

Module 4: Growing Leafy Vegetables for Commercial Growers
•Key Safe farm practices
•Common varieties of Asian vegetables grown on Farm
•How the raised bed is being prepared on the Farm
•How seeds are germinated and seedlings are transplanted
•How vegetables are harvested
•post-harvest handling processes
•composting method on Farm

Module 5: Basics of Composting for Small Scale Growers
•Basics of Composting

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