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Excited to try new things learnt from the course

So much great information and learned a lot. Excited to go home and try out new things. Great instructor with endless knowledge. Very much appreciated the course.
Carrie H.
13 October 2019

Now I am able to understand and make inform choices about indoor farming

Learning about the different requirements to setup a indoor farm. Able to make more informed choices.
Bi X.
13 October 2019

Help me a lot

The detailed information that was provided , it really helped a lot .Thank you, will be coming back for more ..
Sheetal S.
12 October 2019

Professional trainer

Faith is a professional & helpful trainer, had fun here
Ooi Y.J.
13 October 2019

Lecturer is very experienced

A very informative training course. Lecturer is very experience, knowledgeable, willing to share, given a comprehensive lecture and presentation.
12 October 2019


Yes, the course is very interesting and beneficial.
Paul S.
13 October 2019

Unlock the technology

Unlock the tech info of the indoor tech info into simple easy manner. fun to learn and enhance knowledge
12 October 2019

Learn good skills to manage indoor farming at home also

Very informative and interesting.
Nancy C.
13 October 2019

Learnt great tios

Tips on how to manage indoor farming
13 October 2019

Enjoyed all the learning

All the learning.
Lee C.H
13 October 2019

Friendly instructor

Friendly and learnt a lot
13 October 2019

The practical activities enforced my learning

It was well paced.
13 October 2019

Enjoyed the class

The lab activities reinforced learning. Tks.
Ee Lin
12 October 2019

The pace is just right for me

M Mohamed.S
12 October 2019

Very knowledgable trainer

The pace & amount of information for basic home growers
Amanda L.
12 October 2019

Great information and indepth learning

Great information.Knowledgable trainer
Leon T.
12 October 2019

Practical learning

Detailed and indepth explaination about indoor high tech farming. Perfect way to learn farming ! Thank you very much !! :)
Sagar S.
12 October 2019

Very professional

Informative and practical . Good knowledge and learnt alot
Chow y.W.
12 October 2019

Learn how to calculate cost of indoor farming

Knowledgeable instructor
13 October 2019

Enjoyed learning

How to calculate the costs of indoor crops, grow lights analysis. I like the whole course, teacher was very knowledgeable, interesting, fun, kind and I enjoyed very much.
Lim S.T
13 October 2019

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