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Grow Rose in Singapore

Most people's first encounter with roses is when they receive a bouquet of flowers or when they saw the flowers on the supermarket shelf.

Roses are commercially grown in 

1. The Netherland (52%).

2. Columbia (15%).

3. Ecuador (9%).

Therefore, most cut roses that you see in Singapore, are flown from all around the world.

Gardeners' fascination with roses is understandable.
The flower represents love, romance, and gentleness in the home garden. The pop of colours cheer up anyone who visit their garden or their balcony.

At our centre, we aim to develop techniques suitable for warm weather (including Singapore) in the production of roses without the use of harmful chemicals.

The sad story is that most commercial roses production around the world depend heavily in the use of commercial pesticides, fungicides, insecticides. In fact, commercial growers do also to switch from chemical to chemical so that one doesn't become ineffective over long term. Just talk to any commercial grower and they will tell you a similar story.

Grow Rose Singapore

Is it Possible to Grow roses without Chemicals?

Majority of commercial growers will tell you "Not Possible". But the evolving group of researchers and experts of roses breeding are support organic farming principles into flower production.

Ms Faith Foo, Founder of The Living Centre, says " Yes! It is possible. With the right knowledge and disciplines - We have experimented with the use of organic farming practices in growing roses in warm climate conditions with great success."

Duration: 2 Hours
Mode: Face to Face Class
Suitable: For Beginners, Intermediate

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