Indoor High Tech Farming Courses

(also SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)

We have trained many growers in Singapore and beyond in Indoor High Tech Farming approaches. These courses are also funded under Singapore's SkillsFuture Initiative. This means all Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above can use SkillsFuture Credit to pay for full course fees.

Non-Singapore Citizens are welcome too and you can use other payment modes.

Since the launch of this high tech farming training series in 2019, we have trained over 400 growers from Singapore, Malaysia, India,  United States, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong etc

SkillsFuture Farming Course

Faith is very systematic and clear in her explanations. This is exactly the course I've been looking for. It's also useful that she is able to provide local context.

Hong Hu***
26 Feb 2022 (attended Indoor High Tech Farming Course)

The trainer is very knowledgable. And shared a great depth of her knowledge in both commercial and home growers aspect.

Joe Tan***
15 Jan 2022 (attended Indoor High Tech Farming Course)
3 Dec 2022, SAT  [Register Here]
(Suitable for Beginners)
Limited Spaces Left
ZOOM Live Class

Indoor High Tech Farming Course (Intermediate Level)

12 Nov 2022, SAT [Register here]
14 Jan 2023, SAT [Register here]
Limited Spaces Left
ZOOM Live Class

Indoor High Tech Farming Course (Advanced Level)

13 Nov 2022, SUN [Register Here]  OR
28 Jan 2023, SAT [Register Here]

Limited Spaces Left
ZOOM Live Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SkillsFuture Credit?

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses, including these courses. 

How to Register for Class?

Click the course details button on this page

Do I have to complete all 3 levels?

For commercial growers, we highly encourage you to complete all Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level as it will provide a indepth into commercial farmers. 

Home Growers will usually start with Basic and Intermediate Level

What skills will I learn in Indoor high-tech farming?

In the Indoor High Tech Farming training series (basic, intermediate and advanced) - You will learn important knowledge, including light analysis, choosing seeds for commercial production, climate control in an indoor environment, sensors and instrumentations,  how to layout an indoor farm, plant diagnostics, nutrient management, crop scheduling, investment and breakeven costing, marketing and packaging your crops. Till date, we have growers from more than 14 countries that attended the trainings.

What are Skillsfuture courses?

 SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life. At The Living Centre, we also provide courses that are funded under the SkillsFuture initiative for commercial growers. The Indoor High Tech Farming Series research-based approaches that are applied to commercial farming operations.

Is this course suitable for people interested in hydroponics?

Yes! We will teach hydroponics techniques in this course

Will I learn how to use LED light?

Yes, we will teach you exactly the details of why some LED Lights failed in their performance, and which are the type of LED lights are the most effective!

Will there be chance to ask questions?

Yes! Students will be given multiple sessions of Question and Answer time during the course

What is basic level learning?

 You will learn case studies of Indoor High Tech Farms in Singapore, choice of crops, grow light analysis and calculation, and understand different types of commercial grow lights for different setting and crop types. You will also learn how to do a prototype system. We have many home growers who attend this course as well. Many students started their home indoor farm after attending the class

Can non-Singapore citizens attend the course?

Yes! We welcome everyone to join. We have trained growers and entrepreneurs in urban farming from Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and others! You can easily pay using Paypal or Credit Card for the course fees.
The Living Centre is the first in Singapore to launch the full series of High Tech Farming SkillsFuture Funded Courses.  Since the launch of this series in 2019, we have trained over 400 growers (growers, farm owners, researchers, polytechnic lecturers, entrepreneurs, investors, and many others)  from Singapore, Malaysia, India,  United States, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong etc
Average rating for Indoor High Tech Farming (Basic Level), The Living Centre is 4.78 Star of 5 stars - based on 208 Review

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