Chinese Cabbage (Local Cabbage)


Vegetable Seeds

Tropical regions throughout the year can be planted.
Suitable temperature 15-35 ℃
Matures in 45 days.
Tolerant heat, humidity, disease resistance, quality and crisp, taste great.
We love it!

Contains 100 seeds

Frequently asked questions:

Question: I have an interest in seed cultivation, what kinds of vegetable seeds are available in Singapore?

We are providing different vegetable seeds in Singapore that include spinach, cabbage, lettuce, mustard, ice plant, kale, Pak Choi, and more. Check our catalog today and get the vegetable seeds of the finest quality.

Question: I want to grow Chinese cabbage at my home, how many seeds does a packet contain?

The Chinese cabbage seeds can be grown throughout the year in tropical regions, including Singapore.
A packet of Chinese cabbage seeds contains around 100 seeds and you can easily buy them to get a good yield.

Question: What types of lettuce seeds do you provide?

We have butterhead lettuce seeds, JR romaine lettuce seeds, local lettuce, Red BT lettuce, TLC red lettuce seeds, and local romaine lettuce seeds. Check our collection of the finest seeds and place your order today. We have a huge seed collection in Singapore that you can order online.

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