Commercial Grade LED Grow Light (Vegetative) MODEL GT-VG01 (FSG)


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This is a commerial grade LED GROW LIGHT used in Leafy Vegetable Production.

The profile of the light when turned on will look more on the white side.
This allows better plant inspection to see the true color of plants .
Model: GT-VG01 (FSG)

Length : 60 CM
IP Rating: IP 65
Operating Temperature : -20 Degree Celsius to 45 Degree Celsius
Recommended Coverage Area for 1 Unit of the LED Grow Light: For Plant Grow Area of 60 CM (Length) x 30 CM (Width)
Average Measured PPFD at 30 CM From the Light : 193 μmol/m2/s

Wattage: 40 Watts
Voltage: AC100-277V

Light Spectrum

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