Hydroponics Kit


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The kit is now available only in Green Color. Grey color is out of stock
(Plants are not included)

A great kit for you to kick start growing 6 plants.

Kit includes:
1 Upper Holding Tray (see photo)
1 Bottom Nutrient Tank (see photo)
6 Net Pots (see photo)
1 Water Level Indicator

1 pair of Tweezers

1 Set (120 ml Nutrient Solution A + 120 ml Nutrient Solution B) For Leafy Vegetables
1 Packet of Germany Leca (Expanded Clay)
1 Packet Vegetable Seed
20 pc of Germinating Sponge Cubes


Below are photos of use of kit in early stage of vegetable and later stage

Example of early stage of Vegetable

ExampleHydroponicsKit YoungVeg


Example of later stage of Vegetable

ExampleHydroponicsKit MatureVeg

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