Full Day Course - Grow Leafy Vegetables Using Hydroponics Technology (Basic Level) - 30 Sept 2017


This course provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand hydroponics (soilless method) agriculture industry in Singapore. Awareness of basics of growing leafy vegetables in hydroponics will also be explored. You will receive a basic hydroponics kit to kickstart your hydroponics, and also participate in a learning tour of a local hydroponics farm.

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• Describe concept of Hydroponics Agriculture Industry

• Explain role of Hydroponics Vegetable Farming Industry internationally

• Describe health, safety, and environmental operating guidelines in Hydroponics Farms

• List key factors in healthy Leafy Hydroponics Vegetables Plant Growth

• Identify suitable Leafy Vegetables varieties for Hydroponics systems

• List suitable Hydroponics set-up for growth of Leafy Vegetable Plants

• Describe methods to Germinate seeds in substrates

• Describe how to transplant hydroponics seedlings into hydroponics

• Describe fertilising Needs of Leafy Vegetable Plants in hydroponics system

• Explain how to Adjust PH of Nutrient Solution

• Explain how to test the Electrical Conductivity of nutrient solution

• Describe how to monitor Leafy Vegetables Plant Growth in Hydroponics

• List common harvesting techniques for Hydroponics Leafy Vegetables Plants

• Describe common post-harvesting handling guidelines of Hydroponics Leafy Vegetable Plants

 As part of this course, you will receive a basic hydroponics kit to start growing your crops, and a tour of a Singapore hydroponics farm

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The training is provided by The Living Centre and it will be held at World Farm Singapore (Directions and map details will be sent to you via email about 1 week before the event.) The location is within 10 mins walk from the nearest Public Transport Bus Stop.


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Event Date 30-Sep-2017 (Sat) 9:00 am
Event End Date 30-Sep-2017 (Sat) 5:00 pm
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Language of Instruction English
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